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The assumption is one has to wait before reporting a person as missing. That assumption is false. In an elite unit known as “The Ward,” a team of police officers fight tooth-and-nail to recover missing persons, and investigate the crimes which spawn from these cases. Led by Detective Bryce “Doc” Hopper, a renegade cop with more regard for solving cases than the law, Gone is set at the intersection of professional and private lives, juxtaposed against the reality of facing everyone’s worst fear, every day: disappearing. An hour long serial drama with procedural elements.


Broke, separated and law license on trial, Larold Ainch, an ambulance chasing small-time criminal defense lawyer, begins selling tips heard on police scanners in order to make ends meet. As he becomes embroiled in a criminal world he isn’t really fit for, Larold must find ways to keep his head above water while navigating criminal investigations and a pending shutdown of his law firm. Complicated by responsibilities to his uncle, on life support, and his ex-wife, growing impatient with alimony and child support, Larold finds the only solutions to his problems lie in digging deeper into the underworld. An hour long drama with darkly comedic elements..

Mad Men – Children (spec)

In the summer of 1961, Don and Sterling Cooper chase Mattel as a client, hoping to land the holiday campaigns for the new Ken Doll. When the partners and Don disagree on the Mattel pitch, Don finds his leadership usurped by Pete, and watches as Sterling Cooper botches the meeting, turning to Don to save the day. Meanwhile, Betty grows frustrated with Don’s lack of support, both for her personal pursuits and when parenting the kids, and Freddy turns Sterling Cooper into a laughingstock in front of New York’s next great business – the expansion New York Mets.

South Park – F&%k Love (spec)

When the boys discover internet porn, Stan and Kyle find their friendship tested as they fall in love with the same person: webcam porn star Penny Bangs. Meanwhile, Randy attempts to hide his internet and spending habits from Sharon, complicated by Sharon looking into the family finances (to remodel the home), and the arrival of a debt collector in South Park.