For The Screen


Andrew Niekro, a man unknowingly in a fugue state, is framed for murder. Afflicted with paranoia, narcolepsy and a time-bomb temper, Andrew enlists the help of Lewis Allistar, a private detective. As Lewis and Andrew work the case, Andrew’s reality shatters and his fugue state breaks. Confronted by his actions in the fugue, Andrew must solve the murder and clear his name while evading law enforcement and betrayal. A high-stakes psychological nightmare, Berzerker will enthrall audiences with its memorable characters and shocking, twisty, unforgettable plot.

Sinner Man

Set on the streets of New York City, Xavier “X” stone is a lifelong hustler, a former soul singer reduced to busking on the subway to get by. When he loses his partner, X begins a journey that examines what happens when our dreams fail – and we know it. Taking a young street kid, Terrence, under his wing, X attempts to atone for his failures as a father through Terrence, while also trying to reconnect with his daughter. But, when what X perceives as the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, his dreams and his responsibilities are pitted against each other, and X must choose what matters most. Featuring the music of Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Temptations, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and more, Sinner Man is an emotional character study that looks at the nature of hope and failure, and how we cope with not fulfilling our expectations for life.


When a man assumes responsibility for his lover’s debt with the mob, he finds himself in over his head and reaches out to his estranged father for help, hurtling both men toward discovery and tragedy. A unique twist of both relationship and crime dramas, Homecoming examines the plight of a man who has his assumptions about the world ripped from under him, and how a hero is called to his journey.