Chris is happy to offer the following services. Rates and sample work available upon request.

Script Coverage:

Chris offers comprehensive script coverage for film and television, including analysis of story, structure, character, commercial prospects, writing style and more. Notes will include strengths and weaknesses of the script, and, on request, scene-by-scene breakdowns of plot. Chris’ coverage is designed to illuminate the most compelling parts of a story, and help the writer amplify those elements so as to craft truly outstanding work.

Treatment Coverage:

Want notes on your story before taking it to script? Chris will gladly edit and analyze treatments for film, television and print media. Stuck in the middle of your outline? Receive unique notes which will suggest multiple avenues on which your story could travel. Treatment coverage is a great way to iron out any issues with your idea before it goes from concept to concrete, ensuring the best possible first draft of any story.

Queries and Cover Letters:

Ready to send that blockbuster out to companies? Chris can provide deft, convincing query and cover letters that will make your work stand out against the hundreds of other letters production companies and agencies receive. Your idea is great – let Chris convince people to take a chance on your next great script.

Prose Editing:

Make that presentation, paper or article a game-changer. In addition to the usual editing tropes, Chris will help you bring your unique writing voice to life. Whether it be a middle school assignment or graduate thesis, Chris customizes the editorial experience to best suit the writer’s needs, and, when available, will meet in person for tutoring or review.